Favorite Gift Ideas

zodiacs. leaf pendant. hammered bar earrings. bangles. stone drops. 

Holiday Gift Guide

The time is now to order  Zahavah Custom Jewelry  for holiday gifts. There are many pieces that are favorites this time of year, like the Custom Name or date stamped, or engraved tags. The semi precious stone + metal or  birthstone jewelry. Hoop or Bangle customized pieces. And of course any of the stones or symbols from our Talisman and Amulet Collections. 




Its a HOT summer in Austin this year, and he creeks are flowing and cold. We will be at the beach soon, so stay tuned on instagram and fb to follow our adventures. 

36" goddess necklace gold

36" goddess necklace gold

Zahavah now at Travaasa

We are excited to announce that Travaasa Austin is now carrying Zahavah Jewelry in the spa boutique. When you visit Travaasa check out Zahavah and let us know when you do! 


about Travaasa:


"A new collection of experiential spa resorts that emphasizes real travel and the unique, authentic qualities that make a destination magical. Learn more about the Travaasa Vision. Our hotels are tailored to the intellectually active and culturally curious, offering a resort experience that is defined by guided adventures, culinary classes, cultural encounters, healing spa treatments, as well as fitness and wellness workshops.